Politifact Article

Hi all. This is an article I found on politifact. It talks about how clickbait ads make more money for fake news sites. Specifically, Robert Shooltz, the author who runs RealNewsRightNow.com uses this platform to make money from direct clickbait. I decided to check this site out for myself. His website parodies real articles by having eye . You would think that this site was a credible news site with factual news. However, in reality, the headlines are written to have more readers click their traps. There is one article titled “Montana Authorities Say Missing Hiker Likely Abducted by Aliens,” which would make any curious reader prone to click and tune in. In the original Politifact article, Shooltz admitted wanting to eventually get to a point where his articles are making him enough money to live off of, even if his article titles aren’t exactly telling the whole truth of the article. I did a little digging on the author of the article, Joshua Gillin. Besides writing articles for Politifact, he also writes articles for Tampa Bay Times.

Further into the article, there are many other authors of sites who make a lot of money from their clickbait. Some have made up to $40,000 a month while others have made up to $1,000 an hour. Most of these sites push fake political news in order to reach a certain audience who will click on the article.

This article is chock full of great evidence we could use in our presentation to support our ideas on counter technologies.

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